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Mentor Leaders 
Mentor Leaders

Integrity | Patience | Responsibility | Discipline  Respect | Service | Honesty | Courage

Our Mission

The Mentor Leaders Produce Mentor Leaders mentoring program for young men to develop their ability to think critically, exam a sense of understanding and compassion  for others, the courage to respond  to their beliefs. We stress the importance of embracing the whole child physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

Youth gathering for an outing.



Mentor Leaders could not succeed without the generosity of volunteers’ time, talents, and efforts. Mentor Leaders volunteers range in age and expertise, from high school students to senior citizens who offer homework help, high school prep, or squash instruction to the students.


Become a volunteer and experience the wonderful opportunities Mentor Leaders has to offer!


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Kevin Gold

“There isn't a program in the city to compare to the amount of truth and authentic mentoring that's found here with Mentor Leaders."

Abdul Aziz

It's an inspiration to see to see men like Mr. Garrett dedicate their life and time helping to uplift our young men.  Keep up the good work Mentor Leaders Produce Mentor Leaders.

Tara Aleus

I've observed Vince Garrett work with the boys on countless occasions and seen first hand how compassionate Mr Garrett is with the boys...I honestly believe Mr Garrett has figured out the remedy that young men of color desperately need.
Hanging out with the youth.

Invest In The Future

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