• Youth will cultivate a positive relationship with a caring adult/youth mentor on a consistent basis.

  • Youth will increase success in school.

  • Youth will explore fulfilling educational and career pathways.

  • To improve academic performance.

  • Youth will experience posItiive social and emotional growth.

  • To develop an ethic of hard work and commitment.

  • To boost self-confidence.

  • To build healthy habits and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • To ensure young people have access to a post-secondary education.

  • To support ongoing personal and professional development.



  • After School Tutoring Sessions: Twice weekly individual homework help and academic support.
  • Individual Tutoring: One-on-one sessions for struggling students and those who want extra support in any subject for the PSSA exam.


Leadership PROGRAM

As they grow into young adults, Mentor Leadersare encouraged to pursue leadership opportunities, in order to develop valuable skills for the future as well as to impact their peers and the program overall. Although not required, many students choose to engage in leadership development opportunities:

  • Student Leadership Council: Comprised of Co-Chairs, Secretary, and Team Captains, these students are tour guides, ambassadors for the organization, leaders among their peers, and the organizers of such yearly events as Martin Luther King Day and other community related events.

  • Volunteering: High school students are encouraged to volunteer on court and in the classroom with middle schoolers. In the summer, they also have the opportunity to act as counselors in the Summer Discovery Program.

  • Peer Mentoring: High school students volunteer to work with a middle school buddy and to help them transition to life as a teenager and prepare for high school.

  • Peer Mediation: Trained mediators assist their peers with resolving conflicts without adult involvement

MLPML Student

Students in Mentor Leaders are grouped by age and grade into teams of between twenty and thirty students. Starting in 4th grade, Mentor Leaders study, train, and travel as a team for the duration of each school year all the way through 8th grade.

Mentor Leaders is a great opportunity for each student to develop individually and as a team member. By the time students graduate middle school, many of them have been teammates for 4 years.


Mentor Leader parents are critical to each child’s progress in Mentor Leaders from middle school through college. From attending weekend practices, team outings, seminars, timely feedback and parental involvement is essential to the Mentor Leaders model.